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Poolside Lounge

Nestled under sweeping oaks, the poolside lounge basks in the dappled Ojai sunshine. It’s luxurious curves stretch for over 50 feet in length, offering a variety of private nooks for snuggling, and contoured ledges for serious sun worshippers. Designed and … Continue reading

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Earthen Playhouse

The Hobbit Playhouse, tucked under an expansive elm tree, is cool and comfortable inside. One step through the little hand-carved door, and you’ll be instantly transported to another world. The sunlight streaming through the South facing windows, dancing across the delicate … Continue reading

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Forest Day Bed

There’s nothing quite like the serenity of laying under a tree, gazing up at the branches as the breeze glides through. This bench started out as a single size, built so that a person could lounge or sleep under the … Continue reading

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What on EARTH is cob!?

What on EARTH is cob!? Earthen structures, also known as “cob”, an Old English word meaning ‘lump’, are made from soil, sand and straw, which is mixed and “kneaded” like dough. The thick walls are typically built up by hand, … Continue reading

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