Earthen Playhouse

The Hobbit Playhouse, tucked under an expansive elm tree, is cool and comfortable inside. One step through the little hand-carved door, and you’ll be instantly transported to another world. The sunlight streaming through the South facing windows, dancing across the delicate sculptures and sacred objects that are embedded in the walls evoke a sense of timelessness. If you remove your shoes to enjoy the subtle undulations of the hand sculpted earthen floors you’ll be transported to a time when humans once walked closer to the earth. This little playhouse is pure magic!

In the Fall of 2011 Carolyn Hernandez and Carrie Campbell, co-founders of Wild Earth Builders, designed and began building this cozy hobbit house on Carolyn’s property. Built entirely through workshops, Carolyn used this project as a teaching tool for aspiring cob builders. Countless students have had their hands in the mud here, and many have gone on to build their own homes, benches, ovens, and more!

To learn more about cob with a “hands on” experience,  take a look at our class schedule!

Are you asking yourself, that’s nice, but what IS it?

The property is currently for sale, and was recently featured in the LA Times! Check out the article here. It’s the last listing.

Here’s the transition from the first workshop, to the last:



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