Poolside Lounge

Nestled under sweeping oaks, the poolside lounge basks in the dappled Ojai sunshine. It’s luxurious curves stretch for over 50 feet in length, offering a variety of private nooks for snuggling, and contoured ledges for serious sun worshippers.

Designed and built by Jeska Summerfield of Wild Earth builders, this poolside lounge was constructed with the simplest materials available. Soil, sand, and straw make up the bulk of the structure, with a foundation of urbanite, a vapor barrier, and with a specially formulated finish plaster, to offer the best protection from the elements.

“It’s important to me to tread lightly on the planet. That’s why I find this method of natural building so appealing. Cob has an extremely low embodied energy, with many ingredients already available at any site. It’s durable, easy to work with, and the results are gorgeous!” ~Jeska Summerfield

Of course, none of this would’ve been possible without an amazing team! With the help of Robert Corbett, Nick Cullers, Joe Vasquez, Zoe Jordan, and Danielle Lugotoff, each day spent creating this piece was productive, joyful, and filled with laughter! 

To learn more about cob with a “hands on” experience,  take a look at our class schedule!


Here’s the progression from beginning to end! To those of you who have asked, the pipes are built in umbrella holders~

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