What on EARTH is cob!?

What on EARTH is cob!?

Earthen structures, also known as “cob”, an Old English word meaning ‘lump’, are made from soil, sand and straw, which is mixed and “kneaded” like dough. The thick walls are typically built up by hand, and once dry, an earthen plaster is applied to seal and protect, and add color or designs.

Earthen homes are durable! There are many earthen homes around the world that are still habitable after hundreds of years! When built properly, and reinforced, earthen homes can stand up to hurricane winds and earthquakes. They don’t burn, they aren’t susceptible to termites or rodents, and they can often be restored more easily than a wood frame home if damaged.

Cob provides a large amount of thermal mass, which helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is very inexpensive to build with, because it is made with resources that can be found right under your feet. Cob homes can be built with only a couple workers and common carpentry, plumbing, and electrical skills.

Building with earthen materials creates a toxin free living environment, that is durable, and easy to repair, and makes a substantially lower environmental impact than most other building system. It also costs less than standard building materials, and people of all ages and skill levels can learn the techniques easily.

To learn more about cob with a “hands on” experience,  take a look at our class schedule!

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