Who We Are

Wild Earth Builders is a collaborative of teachers, designers, and natural builders. We seek to empower individuals and communities to meet their 21st Century housing, energy & food needs in creative, beautiful and holistic ways.  Our workshops and projects incorporate ecologically-based design principles and locally available, non-toxic, low-tech building materials such as cob, straw bale, earth bag and natural plasters.  Our passion is to provide opportunities for people to reconnect to their playful creativity and innate ability to shelter themselves, through fun, family-geared, hands-and-feet-on learning.


CarolynCarolyn Hernandez – Ojai, CA
Carolyn is passionate about Natural Building becoming a choice option for builders of Home and Community. Her passion has taken her to explore the various models of natural building and its applications in various settings and situation. As a connector of ideas, people and community, she moves toward the highest potential of any situation creating an alchemical opportunity for effective change.

IMG_0542Carrie Campbell- Etna, CA
Carrie is the co-founder of the Natural Building Network and a partner in Wild Earth Builders, offering consulting and education in natural building, permaculture, and community building. Carrie has helped to coordinate natural building programs in Canada, Europe, and the US and is fueled by her passion to co-create a world in which people feel a sacred connection to place as well as to each other. She currently resides in far Northern California with her partner Kyle and her daughters Nalia & Jude.

Jeska Summerfield

Jeska Summerfield – Ojai, CA
Jeska is a natural builder, landscape designer & organic garden consultant with training in permaculture, classical painting, and graphic design. She is deeply passionate about earthen structures, and the impact that they can have on our daily lives. It’s her dream to gather the force of our collective creativity and knowledge to build homes, communities, businesses, cities, countries and planets that are efficient, resilient, and beautiful.

April to May 2013 102Kyle Peterson – Etna, CA

Kyle is a carpenter, permaculturalist, all-around-problem-solver and proud papa. He has returned to his roots in the Scott Valley after escaping from the movie industry in LA.



Little Jude, the newest member of our team.

Little Jude, the newest member of our team.